Below is a tribute to our Top Finishing Teams in I-5 Baseball and Softball. 

I-5 Softball So Cal Baby!!
PGF Nationals 10th/80 Teams
TCS WS Reno 2019
AFA 2019 Runner Up
TCS Zoom Champs
PGF Premier Berth 12U 2019
TCS 2018 Toy Drive Gold Runner Up
NSA 2018 Toys for Tots Champs
TCS 2018 Gold Turkey Champs
12U Burbank Champs 2018
TCS 2018 Best of West Champs
2018 Dirtdogs Classic Champs
2018 TCS 3rd Place World Series
2020 Domingo Ayala Champs
Omaha 3rd Place 2019
2018 PG Runner Up
Domingo Ayala Gold Champs
2017 TCS Slumpbuster Champs
Domingo Ayala Silver Champs
USSSA 12U Runner Up
USSSA Champs