After finishing 9th in Flo Softball and PGF Premier in 2019 I-5 has quickly become one of the most respected organizations in So Cal.  Below is our Teams and locations.  Please remember we are a development organization that takes pride in getting to know our players personally so we can help them in the process of recruiting.  We also treat every player with respect and dignity and allow our female athletes to understand that they are our priority not our coaches.  Everything we do has a message and both the delivery and message will never make our girls feel as if they are not a well respected human being.



Team Names:           Locations:  Click on Link to Facebook Page

I-5 Ventura 2009:          Ventura

I-5 Ventura 2010:          Ventura

I-5 Central Coast:          Santa Maria

I-5 12U North:               Santa Clarita 

I-5 12U VC Juarez:        Camarillo

I-5 12U Central Coast:  Santa Maria

I-5 AV 12U:                     Lancaster

I-5 AV:                             Lancaster

I-5 14U North:               Santa Clarita

I-5 14U South:               Santa Clarita

I-5 14U Ventura:            Ventura

I-5 16U:                          Santa Clarita

Organizational Coaches:

Jared Snyder:          (Head of Organization)

Darren FitzGerald   (Head of Organization)

Jason Vassilotti       (Head of Organization)

Cassie Fitzgerald     

Stephanie Boshae   

Nick Ramos             

Jaccob Sandoval     

Ryan Golophenee     

Tommy Perez            

Talia Banbrook   

Brandi Peacock  

Kara Banbrook   

Jesse Juarez

Jesse Acevedo

Mike Dockery

Ryan Josset

Jeff Frith Smith

Rebecca Mireles

Pete Horton      

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  • 2020 AFA National Champions

  • 2019 I-5 17U: 2nd Pl. Prospect Wire Fall Classic

  • 2019 I-5 12U:  9th in Final Flo Softball Rankings

  • 2019 PGF Premier 9th Place Finish

  • 2019 TCS WS 12U: 3rd Place San Diego

  • 2018 I-5 12U: 3rd Pl: USSSA Int. WS

  • 2018 TCS WS 12U: 3rd Place Reno

  • 2018 I-5 14U Elite: 2nd Pl. Perf. Game Super 25 

  • 2017 I-5 North & South:  Slumpbusters Champs 

  • 2017 I-5 Elite 13U:  USSSA Memorial Day Classic (Major Division) 

Leagues and Tournaments

  • 14U / 15U Elite:  Perfect Game / Baseball Factory / Prospect Wire

  • 14U Camarillo & Hart / Perfect Game / Baseball Factory

  • 13U Camarillo & Hart / Perfect Game / Baseball Factory / USSSA

  • 12U Softball:  PGF / TCS / USSSA / 1st to 3rd

  • 14U Softball:  TCS / PGF / USSSA / 1st to 3rd

Days Off 2018-2019:  

  • 10-1 &10-2 (Fall Break)

  • 11-19- 11-25 (Thanksgiving Week)

  • 4-1 thru 4-7 (Spring Break)

Practice Schedule 2019 

15U Showcase:  Hit @ NHA

14U:  Monday & Thursday & Wednesday NHA

13U: Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday NHA

12U Softball: Wednesday & Saturday NHA

14U: Weekends & Wednesday NHA