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Home of I-5 Softball
Home of I-5 Baseball

The Neighborhood Hitting Academy is the Official Home of I-5 Baseball and Softball.  This hitting and training facility is for the use of I-5 Teams, their affiliates and is open to the public (Please call in advance for rentals and pricing).  Each member of I-5 now has a home to train for this great game.  NHA is now open and monthly memberships are filling up fast.

Flight Path (Line Drive) Cage (51ft x 25ft)

This cage gives the player a true sense of his swing and flight path.  In this cage the hitters will have a clear view of where the ball is hit and on what trajectory.  The cage has Green, Yellow and Red areas to show what percentage of the balls hit will be hits and lead to a higher OBP.  Most NCAA Division 1 studies indicate:

A.  30% or all ground balls are base hits resulting in the batter having an On Base % over .300.

B.  80% of all line drives are base hits resulting in the batter having an On Base % over .800.  (NHA teaches the correct swing path that results in a more consistent Line Drive swing that will lead to a higher OBP.)

C.  20% of all fly balls including HR's are base hits resulting in the batter having an On Base % UNDER .200.

1.  Above Green Top of Net:  Fly Balls (20%-30% OBP)

2.  Green: Line Drive Base Hits (80+% OBP)

3.  Yellow to Green:  Line Drives Hits (50%-70% OBP)

4.  Yellow to Red:  Ground Balls (30%-40% OBP)  

Learn the correct way and maximize your swing at NHA.

Monthly memberships are available and NHA is open to the Public.

Lessons are available and filling up fast. 

Please call: 661-753-3515 for further information.

We are Located at:  24973 Ave. Stanford, Valencia, Ca.  91355