What are the fees for I-5 Baseball?  

Players will pay an initial startup fee to secure their roster spot and insure their commitment to I-5 and then have a structured payment schedule.  Please contact us if you are interested in playing for I-5 Baseball and the current fee structure will be presented to you.   

Are tournaments covered in dues?

Baseball:  No.

Softball:   Yes (But we will fund-raise)

Do we have to pay extra for coaches to be at tournaments?

Baseball:  No

Softball:    Yes (Fundraising goes to our Coaches)

Does I-5 travel out of state?

Baseball:  Yes.  Each year we will go to Las Vegas and always finish with a major tournament or World Series in either:  Nevada, Texas, New York, Arizona, Utah, Nebraska, Florida, Colorado, Georgia.  Please contact us if you would like to know where each age group will go.

Softball:    Yes.  We will go to TCS World Series each year and PGF.  We will also be playing all over Southern and Northern California w/ 2-3 tournaments that will require us to go out of state.

How many practices a week?

Baseball:  Weather permitting we will have 2 practices per week and 1 Hitting Session at our Facility.

Softball:    Weather permitting we will have 1-2 practices per week and 1 Hitting Session at our Facility. 

What are some of the tournaments I-5 plays in?

Baseball:  Triple Crown, USSSA, AAU, Perfect Game (If available), Xtreme Diamond Sports, Under Armor Team One, Prospect Wire, Baseball Forever and Local Leagues for work.

Softball:    Triple Crown, USSSA (Work Only), PGF, Friendlies

Does I-5 play in any leagues?

Baseball:  Yes we play in the USSSA fall league in Camarillo or Wm. S. Hart.

Softball:    Possibly depending on our team.

What is the mission of I-5 Baseball/Softball?

Our mission is to create an environment for young student-athletes to achieve their dreams of playing high school, college and / or  professional baseball / softball. We believe through the game of baseball/softball we can help build determination and develop character that will be an asset to our players not only in the game of baseball/softball, but in the game of life.  With our contacts at the collegiate level we are constantly reaching out to coaches on behalf of our players.

Does I-5 only take elite players?

Baseball:  No, we want players who want to work hard in practice and earn everything they get on the field.   Our players have to be as committed to us, as we are to them.

Softball:   No.  We have truyouts and will take the players we feel fit into our system the best.  Make no mistake this is a competitive team and we wish we could take all players who tryout but we cannot.

Does I-5 have access to an agility program?

I-5 is partnered up with SCS Performance Training (Please see sponsorship page for Information)

Does I-5 have a tutoring program?

Yes we have access to tutors.  Please inquire at NHA

What is the maximum amount of teams per age group?

Baseball:  I-5 will never have more than 2 teams per age group from 10U-14U.  

Softball:    I-5 will never have more than 2 teams per age group from 12U-14U.  We will try to base our teams on graduation year as best we can.

Is there an A and B Team?

Baseball:  We will do our best to make teams as even as possible but each year we choose our teams early and those who come later will be put on the team of the coaches choice.   

Softball:   There could be an A and B team yes but it will be based on 1st year and 2nd year levels.

Does I-5 ever take a select team to tournaments?

Yes we will take a select team to some tournaments throughout the year.  I-5 does play in elite tournaments such as Perfect Game and Under Armor Tournaments.  In these the coaches will pick the players they feel will compete at these tournaments.  Not everyone will be chosen for these events. 

How many Roster spots are available per team?

10U, 11U, 12U, 13U = 11-12.  12U Cooperstown =12.  14U-15U = Varies based on personnel and PO's. Elite Team:  15-20 based on availability as we are working around H.S etc.

Do you ever hit 9 players and sit the other 2+ players?

At no point will any I-5 team from 10U-13U play any less than what shows up to that tournament.  If there are 11-12 players at the tournament all players hit. Your defensive time is earned as the tournament progresses.  AT NO TIME WILL I-5 EVER HIT 9 PLAYERS !!!!!!!!!  Exception:  14U Pre High School Group people will sit.  At our major tournaments we will hit 9-10 guys but we will let all parents know this prior to committing if the tournament allows.

Are there tryouts?

Baseball:  There will be informal workouts yes, but we pick our players based on players wanting to learn and get better.  If we have room we try to accommodate all players interested in playing for I-5.

Softball:    Yes there are tryouts in August and in December each year.

Can my son/daughter get cut?

No player will ever be cut, BUT I-5 reserves the right to release a player due to the parent or player being a problem.  The parent can have an effect on whether any player finishes the season with I-5.

If we miss a practice does our son not start?

If your son/daughter had to miss a practice because of school or just life happening in no way does that player lose his starting spot.  If missing practice becomes a habit yes that player could lose his starting position, but that will happen because the other player is getting better by being at practice.

Will my son/daughter be able to compete for more than one position?

Yes all players will be given the opportunity to play multiple positions.  BUT your performance at that position will dictate how much time you will get.