I-5 Baseball / Softball is located in the Santa Clarita Valley and has become one of the top baseball / softball training programs around.  Teaching is a skill and not everyone can be an effective instructor, even if they had a successful baseball career. Our goal is to help every athlete improve through hard work and proper mechanics. Just knowing how to do something is not enough; knowing how to teach it is a bigger part of the equation.  Our coaches pride themselves on this approach and teaching is our #1 priority.  

This program is built on a multiple team concept where each player is expected to compete at practice to become the best player they can.  We teach our players that what you do on the field is visible at that time, but the effort you put in away from field becomes the premise of your future.  

Our team concept also implements a mentoring program that we believe betters our student-athletes to become future leaders.  Mentoring has been identified as a critical need among young people in communities nationwide and helps with the social growth of all young adults.  I-5 puts a high value on the older players in the program mentoring, teaching, and supporting the younger players.  This teaches both leadership, and selflessness which ultimately leads to the team oriented success each student-athlete will need moving forward in life.



The I-5 program is based on effort, attitude, and accountability. Each player is responsible for what they are capable of, and this will be different for every player.  But all players will give 100% all the time.  


I-5 players will be trained in the mechanical, technical, and mental aspects of the game. Each student-athlete will be able to perform each skill set instinctually through the extensive repetition and drill work that will be offered. Our student-athletes will become fundamentally sound and prepared to consistently compete at a high level, with a primary focus on performance over results.

I-5's  philosophy is takes a personal and passionate approach in the development of our student-athletes.  Each instructor's job is to teach the fundamentals of baseball / softball while instilling the benefits of hard work, goal setting, self-control, self-confidence, and positive thinking.


Our team concept is to improve as a group by working on each individual player getting better. Game and tournament wins are not the focus,  EFFORT IS.  As an organization, we focus on the athletes getting better, and constantly learning and improving.  Our coaching staff will always teach the proper fundamentals and approach to the game.  We do run a tight ship and I-5 is not for everyone, but for those who play for us you will be prepared for the next level.     


We have one simple rule: No parent involvement. This isn’t daddy ball. This is a highly instructional program designed to help players physically and mentally excel at every level. We have top coaches and instructors that are capable of doing exactly what is needed to get the players to the next level.  We allow parents to help but make no mistake, I-5 instructors and coaches are in complete control of all decision making regarding lineups and positions.

The Name I-5


We are always asked where our name comes from, and obviously from our logo it looks like Interstate 5 is the logical choice.  Being that Santa Clarita is centered around Interstate 5 it makes total sense.  But don't be confused by the logo, I-5 Baseball / Softball stands for the Individual 5 skills that are always evaluated by all scouts and schools:  I-5 prides itself on making sure all our athletes have access to improve on each of these Individual 5 skills.

  1. Speed:  

    1. Stealing a base (or two)

    2. Taking an extra base on a single to right field (when runner is on first)

    3. Changing the pitchers approach bec/ of your speed

    4. Scoring from 1st on a double

    5. Drawing pick off throws which can get away

    6. Scoring on a passed ball

    7. Advancing on ball in dirt

    8. Staying out of double plays

  2. Arm Strength

    1. Having a strong arm can be the difference between throwing out a runner from the hole at shortstop, or letting another infield hit extend the inning.​

    2. Having a strong arm can be the difference between out and safe on an outfield assist.

    3. Having a strong arm can limit a teams aggressiveness on trying to take extra bases.

    4. Pitching velocity.

  3. Fielding Ability

    1. Plain and simple - you must work on your fielding constantly. There is never a time that you can rest, and feel comfortable with your abilities.

    2. Every day, you've got to be out there taking ground balls.

    3. Everyday you have to be working on your OF techniques.

    4. Baseball is a game of Defense first.  Perfect this skill.

  4. Hitting for Average

    1. Hitting the ball hard

    2. Making contact often (not striking out) Contact % is key to high average

    3. Hitting the ball on a line 

    4. Using the whole field

  5. Hitting for Power

    1. Can this be taught?  Simply yes it can.​

    2. Power is not just HR its Gaps for doubles and triples.